Yo ho, ho, and a bottle of rum and other obsessions

17 Jun

One never feels quite so cool—so arrived—as when an arbiter of cool, like of the ever-hilarious and always chic Alice takes to writing about one’s wedding cocktail:

(Apparently, I wasn’t ready to let my hair down at the reception, but I was not above unbuttoning my top (?!?). La mariée très classe, c’est moi.)

If you’re unfamiliar, the Dark ‘N Stormy (or Drunk ‘N Stormy, as one of my friends appropriately calls them) is a rum cocktail created by Gosling’s Brothers Ltd., a two-centuries old Bermudan company.  Although often imitated an official, legal Dark ‘n’ Stormy uses only Gosling’s Black Seal Rum (2 oz) + Bermudan ginger beer. Lime optional.  Favoured by sailors the world over, the Dark ‘N Stormy is the official drink of Bermuda (a distinction it shares with the Rum Swizzle).

I’m not being cheeky when I say that a legal Dark ‘N Stormy only uses Golsing’s:  they own the trademark to Dark ‘N Stormy (in fact they own a few).  Law geek note:  it’s unusual to see a recipe trademarked (contrary to popular belief, recipes generally cannot be patented or copyrighted).  First, most companies choose instead to protect their recipes as a trade secret, like Coca-Cola or Colonel Sanders’s 11 Herbs & Spices.  Second, chasing down trademark infringers can be a bigger headache than the one you get after too many Dark ‘N Stormies, not to mention that  it can create massive PR/branding problems.  That said, there is nothing quite like Gosling’s Black Seal rum and making this drink with something else really doesn’t cut it.

Until recently, Barritt’s was the unofficial official ginger beer used in Dark ‘N Stormies.  (The trademark does not specify the type of ginger beer to be used.)  In 2009, the two companies apparently had a parting of ways and Gosling’s has since begun manufacturing its own ginger beer, although Barritt’s still touts their part in the recipe on their webpage.  (As a matter of preference, I don’t care for Gosling’s ginger beer at. all.  We remain loyal Barritt’s enthusiasts in this house.)

If ginger beer isn’t your thing, I recommend the Small Craft Warning, which uses beer instead of (nonalcoholic) ginger beer.  Despite the cute name, it’s essentially an updated version of the very old sailor’s drink, the Flip.

A parting shot of the Dark ‘N Stormy as imagined by Lilly Pulitzer, whose Dark ‘N Stormy print (complete with stormy seas and the Gosling’s seal) handily includes the recipe.  In case you need reminding, which after one or two isn’t an implausability.

* * * *

As I mentioned, yellow is (sadly) not part of my colour story.  Too bad because lately I’m finding myself drawn to this pretty golden colour; a rare shade that makes the easy transition from the long days of summer through late fall:

Diane von Furstenberg Cascadia Top

Diane von Furstenberg Nove Dress

J.Crew Linen Island Cardigan

Marimekko Piccolo Silmälasikukkaro Yellow Bag

And on that sunny thought, happy wishes for a bonne weekend.


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